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Summer break

It’s been weeks without any updates on my blog and I am SO SORRY to you guys! So many things have been going on lately and I was just too busy to keep track of them, such as work, meeting up with family and friends, world cup, doing errands – just to name a few. I also spent same awesome days at the Munich festival called Tollwood, and was again too lazy to keep a diary of those days, however, I did take an Instagram picture at least 😉 And another event I missed keeping a photo diary of was the summer festival of my company last week, where I headed to after work and didn’t think of bringing my camera. As usual I was just eating, chatting and having fun – sometimes it’s so difficult to be a part-time (hobby) blogger – haha. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I\’m back again.

Spring Wishlist


Pastel season. Finally spring is on its way. Time to get properly dressed for this nice weather! In my opinion pastel colors are this year\’s spring colors. I picked out some must-have wardrobe pieces and accessories you cannot go wrong with. What are your thoughts on my selection? What is your personal spring trend?

ZARAblazer | Kaviar Gaucheskirt | River Islandtop | H&Msandals | Benefitposie tint | Bijou Brigittebracelet | YSLRouge Volupté Shine #14

New-in: Black Elegant Grace Earrings

Eye candy. Hi beauties. I hope you\’ve had a great weekend and a marvelous Valentine\’ Day with your beloved ones. I didn\’t realize that my last blog post is almost one month ago! That\’s why here\’s a quick update to show you the gift that sweetened my Valentine\’s Day: the black elegant grace earrings from floralpunk. Aren\’t they just gorgeous? I\’m absolutely in love with these (and all the other jewelry of the store)! Thanks again to my boyfriend for this amazing gift ♡

New-in: Fossil watch

Time is ticking. It is shocking to see how time passes so quickly. The last time I wore a wristwatch is about 8 years ago. I still remember how often I wore it; during school, at home, sometimes even when going to bed. It was as if it was part of my body. But then my watch broke, which was bound to happen. Afterwards I never really purchased another watch (just some \”toy watches\” which I could stick to my school bag and that was it). I got used to having no wrist watch eventually and after a while mobile phones made their way into many people\’s daily lives, myself included. No watch? Doesn\’t matter, because that\’s what your mobile phone is for (next to making phone calls, accessing the internet, texting friends and taking photos)!

There is a reason (well actually two) why I purchased a wrist watch again. Currently I have become fond of accessory and a wrist watch like this is a real eye-catcher, isn\’t it? The design is quite simple, the clock-face quite small, but that\’s what I like about it. I have extremely thin wrists and that\’s why this watch fits me better than bigger ones.
The other reason is that nowadays it is kinda scary how many people are addicted to their mobile phones. Especially in big cities where anonymity among people is quite big, the chance of seeing a person sticking his / her eyes on the screen of their mobile phones all the time is awfully high. I don\’t want to be part of this anymore, so now whenever I want to know the time and date I just look at my watch instead of my mobil phone. That\’s a small but first step to remove myself from sticking to my mobile phone too much.
Ok, enough talk. Time really passes quickly. I gotta go and work on my bachelor\’s thesis again. If you want to buy or have a detailed look on the watch information, just click on the following link Fossil ES3167 (on Amazon it\’s even on sale, so lucky: click). Well then, I\’ll be seeing you in my next post 🙂

Beauty wishlist


Hi everyone! Right now it\’s only one mere month until Christmas. I bet that you are already preparing for Christmas presents, aren\’t you? 🙂 I have done some preparations already (but not too much though 😉 ). As for me, I really like the Christmas season. I love to bake christmas biscuits, I love to overflow my beloved ones with presents and moreover I love to spend time with my family and celebrate this harmonious feast. But to also treat myself to something, I have made my beauty wish-list with all beauty products that I am currently wanting.

Start of something new…

Hi everyone, if you\’ve been to my blog lately, there\’s one thing you definitely noticed: My blog was closed and not accessible without password. Sorry for not telling you beforehand about that.

But now I\’m very excited to show you my \”new\” blog! The concept and content of my blog will stay the same: I will still write about beauty, food, lifestyle, outfits and my travels. The only things that changed, are – as you can see – the layout and the fact that starting with today\’s post, I will write my blog entries in both English and German 🙂
It feels good to start blogging again, since I\’ve been busy with university assignments and working on the new apartment. I moved out from my student apartment in a wonderful new apartment, of which you can sneak a peek above 😉 The whole interior design is kept simple, but sophisticated, in black and white. You cannot see much on the pictures, but I hope you like it as much as I do now 🙂 I will upload further pictures on the apartment as soon as I\’m done with the decoration. Feedback and decoration ideas are very much welcomed, so please leave me a comment below.

Hallo ihr Lieben, falls ihr meinen Blog in letzter Zeit besucht habt, ist euch sicherlich was aufgefallen, dass mein Blog geschlossen und er ohne Passwort nicht zugänglich war. Sorry, dass ich euch nicht vorher darauf hingewiesen hab.

Jetzt kann ich es aber kaum erwarten euch meinen \”neuen\” Blog vorstellen! Das Konzept und auch der Inhalt bleiben gleich: Ich werde also weiterhin über Beauty, Food, Lifestyle, Outfits und meine Reisen schreiben. Das einzige was sich geändert hat, ist wie ihr natürlich deutlich sehen könnt, das Layout und auch der Fakt, dass meine Blogeinträge nun sowohl auf englisch als auch auf deutsch 🙂
Es tut mir gut, wieder mit dem Blogging anfangen, da ich in letzter Zeit mit Uni Aufgaben und der Arbeit in der neuen Wohnung beschäftigt war. Ich bin nämlich aus meiner Studentenwohnung in eine wunderschöne neue Wohnung, von der ihr kleine Previews oben erhaschen könnt 😉 Die ganze Innenausstattung ist recht simple, aber doch elegant, in schwarz und weiß gehalten. Man sieht zwar auf den Bildern nicht viel, aber ich hoffe sie gefallen euch genauso gut wie mir 🙂 Fotoupdates der Wohnung wird es geben, wenn ich mit dem Dekorieren einigermaßen fertig bin. Feedbacks und Dekorationsideen eurerseits sind sehr willkommen – hinterlasst mir unten dann doch bitte einen Kommentar.