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The weather in Munich right now is very gloomy and rainy, so I thought that a more thoughtful blog post wouldn\’t be out of place. I think that, especially on days like this (and when you\’ve got nothing to do), people tend to sit down and think about god and the world, and so am I. I have been ambitious my whole life, always thinking that I can surpass everyone as long as I put much effort into it. But at a certain point in my life I lost that ambition. It was a though time for me which I certainly don\’t want to get back to anymore. What doesn\’t kill you makes you stronger, right? In every stage of your life you are confronted with unpleasant events which you can easily go without. But that is how life is supposed to be, isn\’t it? You fall and you get up again.

When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up.

What I want to say with this post is that many people do not discover their real dreams yet, and are living a life that they are expected to live. I never wanted to work in any fields that involves arts, i.e. designer, musician, and similar. Back in high school I have chosen music as one of my advanced courses, which included piano assignments. Until then I loved playing the piano, but as soon as I entered those advanced courses, I have been overwhelmed with piano assignments which I personally didn\’t like at all. I hated my course. I disliked those assignments and I didn\’t like my course classmates as well. After graduation, I didn\’t do anything related to arts until now, probably because I was too occupied with university and being lazy. But now, even if I neglected arts and music for the last few years, I feel like I want to get back there. I like the beautiful things in life, be it nature, landscapes, people or food. Just staring at those beautiful things makes me unknowingly happy. That is why I want to expand my knowledge and skills to show you beautiful things that I discovered.

Until we meet again

It was on Friday when I drove my boyfriend to the airport so that he can catch on his flight to sunny San Francisco. And now that I\’m living here alone in the apartment, it feels like I am catapulted back to the times where I used to live in a student apartment on my own. You might be wondering why I haven\’t joined him on his journey? Well simply because a flight from Munich to San Francisco is damn expensive, let alone hotel costs and other expenses you need to pay during a trip. Since my boyfriend will spent most of his time at the Apple conference, I would have to explore the city on my own. Personally for me, exploring a city on my own is not what I like about trips of two or more people and thus not worth all the money. Instead I will save the money and spent if for city trips with my boyfriend later this year.
And excuse the crappy quality of my webcam camera.

The return

I know it\’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. One of my resolutions for this year was to regularly update my blog and it seems like I\’ve failed. Again. Once you stop writing and preparing blog posts, you\’ll eventually not feel like doing it anymore. Brr. Well, it sounds like a lame excuse, but I\’ve been busy finishing my bachelor\’s thesis, and the last few weeks before deadline were literally like hell. I\’m sure you all know how procrastination can make your life worse. But thank god I\’m done with (almost) everything that is related to university, which is why currently I\’m working most of the time to earn some extra pocket money 😉 I really admire people who can perfectly manage their time, like having a (full-time) job and being a (full-time) blogger or youtuber at the same time, which is what I will never be capable of, I think. But of course I will give my best to update my blog regularly. And well, I already took the first step: During the last few weeks, I\’ve tried out more skin care and makeup products and I will prepare a review for every single of them. So stay tuned 🙂

Hello 2014


From Scratch. Hi everyone. I know it\’s pretty late, but I also want to wish you all a happy new year! I hope you\’ve spend your free days with all your beloved ones. I just wanted to let you know that I am back on this blog again. Sorry again, I haven\’t been on my blog for a while and my last post is months ago. This has to be changed this year – I will update my blog more regularly as I set it as one of my new year\’s resolutions. Stay tuned.

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much

Hi everyone! It\’s been a while since the last blogpost right? Well, I had much to do recently and this week I finally turned 22! It\’s amazing how fast time passes, because right now I still feel like 17 or 18 🙂 But compared to a 18th birthday, where celebration is a must, I think 22 is nothing special actually. Nevertheless I had the chance to celebrate it with my boyfriend, my family and their closest friends yesterday. We didn\’t only celebrate my birthday, but also had homewarming that day. We had a coffee party in the afternoon with self-made tiramisu and cake. In the evening we had raclette and, to be honest, it was my first time having raclette and it was so delicious!

Hi ihr Lieben! Es ist schon eine Weile her seit meinem letzten Blogeintrag. Ich hatte viel um die Ohren in letzter Zeit und diese Woche bin ich endlich 22 geworden! Es ist schon erstaunlich wie schnell die Zeit vergeht – ich fühle mich noch so, als wäre ich noch 17 oder 18 🙂 Einen 18. Geburtstag zu feiern ist ja ein Muss, verglichen damit ist der 22. Geburtstag auch gar nichts besonderes. Trotzdem hatte ich die Gelegenheit diesen mit meinem Freund, meiner Familie und deren engsten Freunden zu feiern. Wir feierten dabei nicht nur meinen Geburtstag, sondern auch die Einweihung unserer neuen Wohnung. Wir hatten am Nachmittag ein Kaffeekränzchen mit selbstgemachten Tiramisu und Kuchen. Abends hatten wir Raclette und ehrlich gesagt war das mein erstes Mal überhaupt Raclette zu essen und es war so lecker!

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