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Hello Stuttgart

As you might notice, I posted a preview on this look in the previous post. Can you believe that it is summer right now when you look at my outfit here? These pictures were taken back in July, 2 months ago. And I can\’t believe how fast time passes. That time, I have been spending 1 day in Stuttgart Germany with my boyfriend for business reasons, but we also had some spare time to walk through some prominent places in Stuttgart. It was a wonderful day trip which I really enjoyed.


Mangoblouse, trousers (similar), bag | Holypink – statement necklace


Summer break

It’s been weeks without any updates on my blog and I am SO SORRY to you guys! So many things have been going on lately and I was just too busy to keep track of them, such as work, meeting up with family and friends, world cup, doing errands – just to name a few. I also spent same awesome days at the Munich festival called Tollwood, and was again too lazy to keep a diary of those days, however, I did take an Instagram picture at least 😉 And another event I missed keeping a photo diary of was the summer festival of my company last week, where I headed to after work and didn’t think of bringing my camera. As usual I was just eating, chatting and having fun – sometimes it’s so difficult to be a part-time (hobby) blogger – haha. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I\’m back again.

Outfit: Elegant Flower


Hi everyone, sorry for uploading this post at a much later time as usual. My schedule was so full that I only rushed to work and appointments until I finally arrive at home and head straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I\’m not a power woman, so this is quite exhausting for me to have such a tight schedule. I can\’t even imagine how some people can manage to only have 2-4 hours of sleep everyday! Anyways, I always end up lying on the cozy couch and watching some series (Suits, HIMYM, …) in the evening.
I actually wanted to upload this outfit post last week already, but better late than never right?

My personal opinion on this outfit is that it\’s elegant and cute at the same time – totally my style! I bought the zig top, the midi skirt and the gladiator cut out sandals just a while ago and I just love them! They look fashionable and are so comfy at the same time. (And as you can see, I\’m really loving black and white outfits lately… haha)
I wore this outfit last week on an event called \”Bloggerbazaar\” in Munich. German bloggers and readers probably know about this event, but for all of you who don\’t: It\’s basically a blogger get-together, where a selected group of (fashion) bloggers sell personal stuff, such as clothes, shoes, accessories etc. to visitors. An event where you get the opportunity to buy your favorite blogger\’s wardrobe and get to know them personally. Cool stuff right?


Minute Handtop | ASOSskirt | Shoekandisandals | Holypinkstatement necklace | Fossilwatch

Outfit: All Black

Sunday. I\’ve always wanted to wear a hat like this but never dared to buy one. \”You would just wear it once and then never again\” was a thought that always haunted me. But I\’m super happy that I purchased one because it\’s a sophisticated accessory, isn\’t it? But on to the only piece of this look which is not black as the title suggests: The cute leopard print blouse from Sammydress. The blouse is super comfortable and the material is Polyester which is why the blouse falls leger and isn\’t stiff at all. What I love about it the most are its details, such as the leather collars, leopard print and golden buttons! What else could you want? Also, pair it with some gorgeous statement necklace and you will have an eye-catching outfit! What do you think about this look?

Sammydressblouse | Forever21 – blazer, necklace | Onlyjeans | Gracelandheels | H&Mhat | Fossilwatch