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Outfit: Elegant Flower


Hi everyone, sorry for uploading this post at a much later time as usual. My schedule was so full that I only rushed to work and appointments until I finally arrive at home and head straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I\’m not a power woman, so this is quite exhausting for me to have such a tight schedule. I can\’t even imagine how some people can manage to only have 2-4 hours of sleep everyday! Anyways, I always end up lying on the cozy couch and watching some series (Suits, HIMYM, …) in the evening.
I actually wanted to upload this outfit post last week already, but better late than never right?

My personal opinion on this outfit is that it\’s elegant and cute at the same time – totally my style! I bought the zig top, the midi skirt and the gladiator cut out sandals just a while ago and I just love them! They look fashionable and are so comfy at the same time. (And as you can see, I\’m really loving black and white outfits lately… haha)
I wore this outfit last week on an event called \”Bloggerbazaar\” in Munich. German bloggers and readers probably know about this event, but for all of you who don\’t: It\’s basically a blogger get-together, where a selected group of (fashion) bloggers sell personal stuff, such as clothes, shoes, accessories etc. to visitors. An event where you get the opportunity to buy your favorite blogger\’s wardrobe and get to know them personally. Cool stuff right?


Minute Handtop | ASOSskirt | Shoekandisandals | Holypinkstatement necklace | Fossilwatch

Outfit: Refreshing Summer


Hi everyone, how are you doing? Here\’s just another short update on my blog: I have made an account on LOOKBOOK.nu (see link). I don\’t have a lot of outfits posted there, but please take a look on my page (like and fan perhaps?) and show some love for my lookbook account 😉 This outfit here is what I posted recently on my lookbook. A simple and refreshing summer outfit. What I love the most about my outfit are the high waisted shorts that I ordered from the online shop \”Minute Hand\”. The quality feels good and they are so comfortable to wear! Definitely one of my must-haves for summer, paired with printed shirts (you can never go wrong with printed t-shirts!).


Zarashirt | Minute Handshorts | H&M – hat | Mango – purse | Pimpkie – heels | Fossil – watch

Outfit: White rose


Winter prom. Hi everyone. This is just a small post to show you the outfit I wore to our anniversary party at work. Isn\’t it cute? Anyways, our company celebrated its 20th anniversary and prepared an event therefor called winter prom (German: \”Weihnachtsball\”) and I must say that it really fit the atmosphere there. The prep team did a great job not only with the decoration (we had artificial snowflakes and icicles everywhere and the table decoration is simply lovable) but also with the whole program (including witty and entertaining videos made by some of our employees and a closing performance of a live band). To cut a long story short: it was a beautiful event and a reason why I like working for this company all the more!

New-in: Fossil watch

Time is ticking. It is shocking to see how time passes so quickly. The last time I wore a wristwatch is about 8 years ago. I still remember how often I wore it; during school, at home, sometimes even when going to bed. It was as if it was part of my body. But then my watch broke, which was bound to happen. Afterwards I never really purchased another watch (just some \”toy watches\” which I could stick to my school bag and that was it). I got used to having no wrist watch eventually and after a while mobile phones made their way into many people\’s daily lives, myself included. No watch? Doesn\’t matter, because that\’s what your mobile phone is for (next to making phone calls, accessing the internet, texting friends and taking photos)!

There is a reason (well actually two) why I purchased a wrist watch again. Currently I have become fond of accessory and a wrist watch like this is a real eye-catcher, isn\’t it? The design is quite simple, the clock-face quite small, but that\’s what I like about it. I have extremely thin wrists and that\’s why this watch fits me better than bigger ones.
The other reason is that nowadays it is kinda scary how many people are addicted to their mobile phones. Especially in big cities where anonymity among people is quite big, the chance of seeing a person sticking his / her eyes on the screen of their mobile phones all the time is awfully high. I don\’t want to be part of this anymore, so now whenever I want to know the time and date I just look at my watch instead of my mobil phone. That\’s a small but first step to remove myself from sticking to my mobile phone too much.
Ok, enough talk. Time really passes quickly. I gotta go and work on my bachelor\’s thesis again. If you want to buy or have a detailed look on the watch information, just click on the following link Fossil ES3167 (on Amazon it\’s even on sale, so lucky: click). Well then, I\’ll be seeing you in my next post 🙂