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Summer break

It’s been weeks without any updates on my blog and I am SO SORRY to you guys! So many things have been going on lately and I was just too busy to keep track of them, such as work, meeting up with family and friends, world cup, doing errands – just to name a few. I also spent same awesome days at the Munich festival called Tollwood, and was again too lazy to keep a diary of those days, however, I did take an Instagram picture at least 😉 And another event I missed keeping a photo diary of was the summer festival of my company last week, where I headed to after work and didn’t think of bringing my camera. As usual I was just eating, chatting and having fun – sometimes it’s so difficult to be a part-time (hobby) blogger – haha. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I\’m back again.

Outfit: Cropped

Hi everyone! I missed to upload more than one blog post this week. But damn, again, I am to lazy to do something about it. And since the weather is so good right now, I can\’t help but going outside and doing something. Which is why I also went to my universities (or rather my faculty\’s) summer festival on Thursday. Enjoying free food and drinks with university friends – what else could you want? It was also on this exact day that I realized that I wasn\’t used to drinking alcoholic drinks anymore. Just had a few sips of a strawberry margarita and felt kind of drunk afterwards.. I am Asian indeed. On Friday I went to a friend\’s place after work – to celebrate his birthday and to watch the long awaited German football match against France! I actually don\’t care about football at all, but events like world cup or european cup change my mind completely. If you\’re also watching the world cup, then please root for Germany on Tuesday, will you? Well that\’s it for my week; had a relaxed weekend so there\’s not that much to talk about. See you until the next post!

In case you\’re wondering why all of my pictures are in black and white. The reason is that I simply didn\’t like the play of colors in these pictures. And please excuse my fat belly on the pictures as well (haven\’t got the motivation to do sports this year.. sob)


ZARA – cropped top | Pimpkie – shorts | Shoekandi – sandals | Longchamp – bag | H&M – necklace

Outfit: Refreshing Summer


Hi everyone, how are you doing? Here\’s just another short update on my blog: I have made an account on LOOKBOOK.nu (see link). I don\’t have a lot of outfits posted there, but please take a look on my page (like and fan perhaps?) and show some love for my lookbook account 😉 This outfit here is what I posted recently on my lookbook. A simple and refreshing summer outfit. What I love the most about my outfit are the high waisted shorts that I ordered from the online shop \”Minute Hand\”. The quality feels good and they are so comfortable to wear! Definitely one of my must-haves for summer, paired with printed shirts (you can never go wrong with printed t-shirts!).


Zarashirt | Minute Handshorts | H&M – hat | Mango – purse | Pimpkie – heels | Fossil – watch