Review: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

Hi everyone, did you have a nice long weekend as well? 🙂 Today I\’m going to review the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser from The Body Shop. I\’d planned to publish this post on Sunday already, but the good weather prevented me from finishing the last few lines. So just consider it a late late Sunday post 🙂 And without further ado, let\’s start off with the product description:

\”A refreshing instant foaming cleanser for blemished skin. Gently but effectively cleanses skin and removes make-up and impurities. Regular cleansing will help keep skin blemish-free.\”

I clearly recommend this cleanser for combination or oily skin, as it eliminates excess oil on the face. But also people with other skin types can use this product as well, as it doesn\’t irritate or dry out your skin. I usually use this cleansing foam in my morning skin care routine to get rid of excess oil on my face. The cleanser is really refreshing and moreover it is very gentle and soft to my skin, and cleans without irritating it. Another pro is that this foaming cleanser minimizes breakouts and reduces redness thanks to the tea tree extract (tea tree products are just the best to treat reddened skin and acne!). After using it my face feels fresh and purified, and a lot of redness is reduced if you use it for a while. This foaming cleanser may be a little bit pricey ($13.00), but it is definitely worth the money!

Until we meet again

It was on Friday when I drove my boyfriend to the airport so that he can catch on his flight to sunny San Francisco. And now that I\’m living here alone in the apartment, it feels like I am catapulted back to the times where I used to live in a student apartment on my own. You might be wondering why I haven\’t joined him on his journey? Well simply because a flight from Munich to San Francisco is damn expensive, let alone hotel costs and other expenses you need to pay during a trip. Since my boyfriend will spent most of his time at the Apple conference, I would have to explore the city on my own. Personally for me, exploring a city on my own is not what I like about trips of two or more people and thus not worth all the money. Instead I will save the money and spent if for city trips with my boyfriend later this year.
And excuse the crappy quality of my webcam camera.

The return

I know it\’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. One of my resolutions for this year was to regularly update my blog and it seems like I\’ve failed. Again. Once you stop writing and preparing blog posts, you\’ll eventually not feel like doing it anymore. Brr. Well, it sounds like a lame excuse, but I\’ve been busy finishing my bachelor\’s thesis, and the last few weeks before deadline were literally like hell. I\’m sure you all know how procrastination can make your life worse. But thank god I\’m done with (almost) everything that is related to university, which is why currently I\’m working most of the time to earn some extra pocket money 😉 I really admire people who can perfectly manage their time, like having a (full-time) job and being a (full-time) blogger or youtuber at the same time, which is what I will never be capable of, I think. But of course I will give my best to update my blog regularly. And well, I already took the first step: During the last few weeks, I\’ve tried out more skin care and makeup products and I will prepare a review for every single of them. So stay tuned 🙂

Outfit: All Black

Sunday. I\’ve always wanted to wear a hat like this but never dared to buy one. \”You would just wear it once and then never again\” was a thought that always haunted me. But I\’m super happy that I purchased one because it\’s a sophisticated accessory, isn\’t it? But on to the only piece of this look which is not black as the title suggests: The cute leopard print blouse from Sammydress. The blouse is super comfortable and the material is Polyester which is why the blouse falls leger and isn\’t stiff at all. What I love about it the most are its details, such as the leather collars, leopard print and golden buttons! What else could you want? Also, pair it with some gorgeous statement necklace and you will have an eye-catching outfit! What do you think about this look?

Sammydressblouse | Forever21 – blazer, necklace | Onlyjeans | Gracelandheels | H&Mhat | Fossilwatch


Spring Wishlist


Pastel season. Finally spring is on its way. Time to get properly dressed for this nice weather! In my opinion pastel colors are this year\’s spring colors. I picked out some must-have wardrobe pieces and accessories you cannot go wrong with. What are your thoughts on my selection? What is your personal spring trend?

ZARAblazer | Kaviar Gaucheskirt | River Islandtop | H&Msandals | Benefitposie tint | Bijou Brigittebracelet | YSLRouge Volupté Shine #14

Review: Tony Moly Cats Wink Shiny Skin Base Primer

Shiny complexion. Hi everyone, today I want to do quick a review on the Tony Moly Cats Wink Shiny Skin Base Primer. I purchased this face primer along with the MISSHA BB Cream on eBay (Korean makeup and skin care haul pretty much). As you might know I suffer from red skin and always need to apply a primer before putting on BB Cream or foundation. This primer comes in #1 Clear Peach, #2 Clear Mint and #3 Clear Lavender. I purchased the one in Clear Mint as it helps reducing redness caused from blemishes or irritation.

Did it work for me? The first time I saw this primer was in a Korean make-up tutorial on Youtube, where it was highly recommended. Unfortunately for me it didn\’t work that well on my skin. The first time I applied this primer, it didn\’t blend too well with my skin, which in my opinion is a must for facial primers. After applying the green-based primer on my red skin area it also didn\’t reduce the a lot of redness, but rather left a white film on my face. But after using this primer for a while I found out that you have to let it sit for a while. After waiting for a few minutes, the primer will blend with the skin more. It does not even the skin tone perfectly, but since makeup is applied afterwards, we can neglect that little shortage 😉

+ Good price-performance
+ Sun protection (SPF15 / PA+)
+ Cute packaging

+ Does not blend well with the skin

Rating: 3/5

Repurchase? It is not a must have product for me, but still does a good job as a primer.

Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Perfect cover. Hi beauties, in today\’s post I want to do a review on Missha\’s Perfect Cover BB Cream. I purchased this BB Cream a while ago on eBay and until now I had many occasions to try it out. According to Missha this BB Cream lightens the skin tone, heals visible wrinkles and blemishes and prevents skin-aging. The BB cream is available in 5 different shades: #13 milky beige #21 light beige #23 natural beige #27 honey beige #31 golden beige – mine is in #21 light beige.

Now on to my thoughts on this product. The BB Cream has light to medium coverage and blends in well with your skin giving your skin a natural look. I have a lot of blemishes which cannot be covered by the BB Cream completely, that is why I always have to apply concealer to cover my acne spots additionally. I don\’t have a lot of wrinkles that is why I cannot tell if it improves your skin by reducing wrinkles, BUT it definitely lightens your skin after a while. Plus, it has a really nice fragrance 🙂 The aspect I don\’t like about this BB Cream much is that it is not very moisturizing. If you have dry skin, you probably have to apply some moisturizing cream first. But all in all it is a good product that I will definitely purchase again.

Review: Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

Bambi eyes. It is my first time ever to purchase and try on circle lenses. I ordered the \”Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown\” from Pinky Paradise and it came with a cute animal lens case 🙂 The color is as the product says almond brown and is a color from the Bambi series. I was toying with the idea of ordering fancy blue or green lenses but then ended up with natural brown ones as they are more suitable for daily use. As you can see in the pictures they are not too obvious, but rather a subtle size enhancement which looks natural and not fake. Moreover they are really comfortable to wear (if you are used to wearing contacts). More pictures after the jump!
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New-in: Black Elegant Grace Earrings

Eye candy. Hi beauties. I hope you\’ve had a great weekend and a marvelous Valentine\’ Day with your beloved ones. I didn\’t realize that my last blog post is almost one month ago! That\’s why here\’s a quick update to show you the gift that sweetened my Valentine\’s Day: the black elegant grace earrings from floralpunk. Aren\’t they just gorgeous? I\’m absolutely in love with these (and all the other jewelry of the store)! Thanks again to my boyfriend for this amazing gift ♡

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